Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Contract Killer: review

The other day I jumped onto the top charts on the App Store and I was surprised to see a 3D sniper game in the vain of Overkill. The game looked amazing and from the screenshots you can tell that the developer (Glu Mobile) put a lot of effort into developing the graphics, apart from that the title is somewhat lacking. The game depends on in app purchases just like Overkill to fuel it. You can purchase money or credits that allows you to upgrade your weapon, bullets, health and even purchase other games offered. This title offers a fairly well rounded shooting mechanic and options to restore your health, switch guns and duck for cover. My main issues lied in the fact that there were too many buttons for a sniper game but I mean I can't complain too much it is free. There was a certain amount of satisfaction to killing a target but missions get increasingly harder as you progress. Another issue I had is finding a mission, there is a map that shows you your safe house and missions to chose from but some you have to wait for a specific time to start or purchase the level with money you earn in the game. This is the most frustrating part of Contract Killer. I feel like it's a good tech demo and it's a great free game but I would rather pay a dollar or two and not have pop-up ads and in app purchases. I still had fun with the game and I wish jumping into a mission was a bit more fluent. One last thing, push notifications while you're playing other games is simply annoying so turn them off. For my full review of Overkill:

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