Sunday, May 8, 2011

GOF2: Valkyrie glitches fixed

Fish Labs have addressed the issues I had previously with the Khador drive and collecting certain blueprints and accessing the Void System. In their updates a few days ago they fixed the Khador drive so you can reattach it to your spacecraft and access systems that are apart from the Universe. I also was able to track down a lot more blueprints that I have all completed. This update is much appreciated because jumping back into the game is easier than ever when you can travel instantaneously. Now with these improvements the add-on is simply amazing and I wish I could find another title that had nearly as much content as GOF2.  I guarantee this will be my last post about Galaxy On Fire because there are plenty of new games coming out. If I had one last request I would love to battle people on-line and test out their ships.

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