Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WTF?! Who's that Flying?! review

Recently Sega released a fun XBLA game on the 360. WTF?! is an inexpensive fun game that is universal for the iPad or iPhone. The game was priced upon release at $2.99 but they dropped the price to only 99 cents. WTF?! is a side-scrolling shooting game, where you take the role of a super-hero that shoots lasers/bullets from his palms. The interesting part of the game-play is that instead of taking personal damage to your character you start with 50 points and depending on the amount of enemies that get past him you loose points until you reach 0/50 and have to restart the level. 

One issue I have with this game is that it claims to be universal but it only takes about 3/4 of the screen on the iPad rather than most universal  games that take the full screen into account. Apart from that the game features amazing graphics, fun story and fast paced game-play. I recommend this title to every fan of shooting games and anyone on a gaming budget.

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