Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday May 11th iPad releases

So once again a lovely May Wednesday is upon us and finally Gameloft is releasing Starfront Collision HD! After months of it being released on the iPhone it's about time that we got an HD version. The game looks like a Star-craft rip but the buzz around it so far has been positive. The price currently is $6.99 and will be released near midnight. With tons of screen real-estate the game will most likely be a vast improvement and competitive fun. It will also be quite a bit more fun than Command and Conquer HD. I will post a review for this one after a few days of game-play. 

Apart from Starfront there are a few other note-worthy titles that are easy on the pocket. First off we have a movie tie-in game about Bruce Campbell's noteworthy film, Army of Darkness. This is a mix between tower defense and action with the player taking control of Bruce himself with his boomstick and chainsaw. The game is only 99 cents and the graphics look mediocre. It could be a ton of fun and there is some buzz around it so check out the game-play.

Finally Chillingo is releasing Spoing, a point a click action/puzzle game that allows you to control a dark entity on it's way up to a goal/finish line. The game is also only 99 cents and the graphics look decent. One weird thing I noticed is the controls look very much like a computer cursor on the demo video. Either way check it out.

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