Thursday, April 28, 2011

Snuggle Truck: review

A few months ago Kongregate released details on a game titled Smuggle Truck. The game-play was amazing and could be sampled on their website. The purpose of the game was to smuggle Mexicans over the border in the back of your sketchy truck. You had to do it quickly and not loose your illegal immigrants while transporting them. Of course this game generated negative stories about racism and being overall offensive. I personally thought people were reading into this too much but whatever, someones always going to complain for the sake of complaining. 

So instead we now have Snuggle Truck HD, priced at $2.99. The game-play is the same, the levels are the same and the only thing substituted is furry stuffed animals instead of Mexicans. I think this switch was a clever way of getting around the controversy but honestly Smuggle Truck makes a whole lot more sense than Snuggle Truck. 

Snuggle Truck is a unique, refreshing game that is well worth the $2.99. You use your two thumbs to control the truck's speed. Controlling your speed is the most important factor in the game. It will determine the amount of snuggles you loose, the time you complete each level in and your overall score. Each level has 5 medals you can collect and you can retry the levels as many times needed to progress to the next series of levels. One cool factor is that there are power-ups you can pick up while driving that let you go faster and protect your load of Snuggles. Kongregate is a great company and they let a lot of fans design levels in the game. Check this title out.

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