Friday, April 22, 2011

Max & the Magic Marker: review/sale

Less than a year ago EA released Max & the Magic Marker on the Wii Ware store for Nintendo users. The game featured some pretty intuitive game-play that took full use of the Wii remote. Basically by collecting ink you could draw anything that either helped you progress in the level or attack enemies. The game was a inexpensive download and was pretty well received. So now to make additional money and allow others to try out the title EA has ported it to the Ipad. I've got to say that this title makes a lot of sense on the Ipad. I mean you simply draw whatever you'd like with your finger using the marker and control the actions of Max through an on-screen set of controls. 

The game is more slow paced than your average side scrolling adventure but that's because the puzzle and drawing aspects are key to the game. Max & the Magic Marker is aimed at a bit of a younger audience with it's art style and enemies. Don't get me wrong anyone can pick this title up and have a ton of fun. I really liked the game and I've played maybe a third of it so far and while others seem to be having difficulties with the game crashing I haven't had any yet. Max & the Magic Marker is also on sale for only 99 cents for the Easter weekend. For a dollar I recommend the title but for the full price of $4.99 this title is not for everyone. If you are an interactive puzzle fan than pick up Max & the Magic Marker. 

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