Thursday, April 21, 2011

NBA Jam HD: review

DAMNNNNN! That's all I could think when I fired up the Ipad version of NBA Jam. This is by far the best sports game released on the Ipad and I can now forgive the waiting period between the Iphone version and the Ipad version. 

When I was looking at the game last night I was wondering only one thing: are these controls going to make or break the game? Generally sports games on the Ipad (not including golf games) have had a difficulty configuring the controls properly. In the case of EA's NBA Jam I do not have a single complaint. There are three buttons that are easily responsive and the beginning tutorial really helps you understand the game. By the way if you complete the simple 5 minute tutorial you automatically unlock Big Head mode! So after the tutorial I jumped straight into a match to try out the NBA action. 

The game-play is two vs. two basketball featuring every team in the NBA with current rosters. You generally choose a point guard and then you also get a forward. You control one character while the CPU controls the other one. Working as a team really pays off and you can throw up some pretty amazing dunks. The game is of course over the top action. There are plenty of options in game-play from: Play Now, Classic Campaign, Multiplayer, Challenges (that unlocks characters) and a Jam store to purchase IAP content. For $9.99 it is kind of a pricey game but it is instantly my favorite Ipad game. 
The audio is pretty bad ass as well with over the top commentary and constant cool sayings like BOOMSHAKALAKA!!!! I've got to fully recommend this title EA may spend time on their titles and ask for more money than the average developer but there seems to be a good reason why.


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