Thursday, April 7, 2011

Perfect Cell: review

So inside a secret laboratory in a submarine a cell is developed that is unlike any other. This cell is so super powered that it cannot escape and reach the normal population. As the player you take control of this cell and it's super powers. Essential Perfect Cell is a puzzle game mixed with light action. By swiping or double clicking you can attack humans and move at a super fast speed. The controls are simple and intuitive, meant for the Ipad. The game is truly original and fairly simple to get into. As the game progresses the levels and enemies get more complex to defeat. At a rebate price of only 1 dollar I highly recommend this game. For a limited time try to pick up this title before it goes back up in price. The one problem I found with the game was that I felt weird attacking people and I couldn't side with this perfect cell. I felt like I was a bad guy and I really didn't want to escape this underwater prison. The graphics are decent and it plays like a side-scrolling puzzler. So for the time being pick this budget title up but remember at best this is a one time play through. 


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