Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Relic: review

So when I start up a game and it crashes numerous times just upon opening it I think to myself, "That's a really bad sign." The Relic is a game that claims to be a dungeon crawler/ rpg and it stays true to it's description but that's about the only good thing this game has going for it. I tried the game out solely because of it's price and graphics. It reminded me of a simplistic version of Dungeon Hunter. The Relic is only priced at 99 cents but honestly it is not even worth the space on your Ipad. This game suffers from the worst possible problem on an Ipad game, unresponsive D-pad. Basically the control pad to move your character freezes constantly. I honestly can't get past this issue because the game depends on a ridiculous amount of AI enemies attacking you. Without the ability to move you feel helpless, ready to just give up whenever you want. The game has decent graphics considering the price point but the enemies are poorly designed and all swarm you at once. The Relic is a game that also suffers from continuous pop-up information. I consider this game an outer shell or a tech demo of what could potentially be created. The Relic is obviously one to avoid and unless the publishers fix the issue with their D-pad then this game will forever remain a piece of trash. 



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