Monday, April 11, 2011

Death Rally: update

Death Rally was recently released two weeks ago and although the title was a ton of fun, it lacked enough substance for me to continuously go back to it. With the new update I was hoping for some quality content added to the experience. The developers added two new weapons and a new car. The biggest problem with the new vehicle is that it is less advanced than the Deliverator, which is the top notch car you can unlock. So if you already have unlocked all the vehicles it is pointless to go back and use the new car. The weapons are pretty decent, one is a laser sight that accurately guides your missiles and the other is called the striker. The striker fires off a series of guided missiles towards your target. With these updates comes a temporary price drop of 2 dollars, bringing the title from $4.99 to only $2.99. The update to the game is three new modes of racing, one called adversary, all nitro and the last is marathon. Overall I appreciate the developer's effort to add new content but honestly the game needs a few new courses and maybe an online mode. I know this is a lot to ask for but there are only four courses currently and over time they get repetitive.

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