Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Angry Birds Rio: review

I'm not the biggest fan of Angry Birds, believe it or not I find the simplicity, art style and game-play a bit boring. I also believe that the original Angry Birds HD is overpriced at $4.99. Recently the same publishers put out Angry Birds Rio HD for $2.99. The game has over 50 levels and a new art style related to an upcoming television show or movie related to Angry Birds. Somehow this top selling game has become a franchise. Either way, back to the game... Angry Birds Rio has a very cool art style that is more cartoon than the previous entries in the series. The game still has multiple birds to launch at targets such as the classic red bird, the small bird that divides into three separate birds before impact and the yellow bird that increases speed before impact. On every level you get a rating out of three stars depending on the amount of birds remaining and the amount of boxes you destroy. For the price of $2.99 you receive quite a bit of content and although I am in the minority of people you don't flock to this title I still respect the game play and simplicity of the idea. Overall I recommend this title but if it goes on sale or if there is a new update I highly recommend Angry Birds Rio HD.

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