Saturday, April 2, 2011

Death Rally: review

I'm a big fan of cars and guns and top down racing so Death Rally seemed like a no-brainer to me. To put it into perspective Death Rally is essentially Reckless Racing mixed with the movie Death Race. There is a weak plot-line that involves the police taking you down in the first couple of seconds and hiring you to infiltrate a dangerous game and take down an evil crime boss through illegal races. The opening sequences plays out as a graphic novel and then jumps straight into the racing action. Each car is customizable to a certain degree and everything from handling to your weapon can be upgraded. The racing is tough and I didn't feel like it responded as well as Reckless Racing. This is where the weapons come into play, without them the game looses half of it's appeal. Honestly it may take a few tries before you win your first race and a few upgrades before you feel like you're in the game. It's pretty easy to jump in and out of the races so if you end up getting frustrated it's easy to take a break. Death Rally has a beautiful look to it and is truly competitive, the action is fun and fairly explosive at times. for the price of $4.99 there is enough content to warrant the price. My last request is that the publishers add new content such as cars and tracks as time goes on.

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