Friday, April 22, 2011

Hyperlight: review

Hyperlight is the newest 2.5 D spaceship inspired game. First off it is quite obvious that this game is based off of Infinity Field. Infinity Field at least had superior graphics and intuitive controls. Unfortunately although Hyperlight looks very much the same and has decent graphics the game-play is pretty much a dud. The game is all about tilt controls and there is no ability to shoot weapons. The game relies on you to collect items and tilt the Ipad on sharp angles to fly through enemies. 

Apart from the difficult controls you start the game with no shield and only one hit from on-coming enemies will destroy you and force you to restart from square one. The game is only a buck but Infinity Field is also pretty cheap. This game suffers from being released too early with sub-par controls. I would avoid this title and save the dollar.


  1. Well, if you really had played Hyperlight, you should know that it is inspired by games like Tilt to Live and has nothing to do with Infinity Field. In my personal opinion it is a great tilting game ;)

  2. Thanks for the insight, I have played tilt to live and I'm not the biggest fan of that game either I find tilt games best suited for a smaller device. I was simply saying that the art style and game looks very similar to Infinity Field. ;)