Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Blighted Earth: review

Blighted Earth is your traditional tower defense game similar to Fieldrunners. The game is more of a budget title priced at .99 cents. Just like Fieldrunners you start with a basic level and decide the path your opponent will be forced to follow by laying various towers wherever you want. The game only has 4 levels and on easy the game is way too easy to beat. You can actually build up your towers, walk away from the game and come back victorious 20 minutes later. I suggest playing it on a more difficult setting. There are only 5 towers to choose from including a basic machine gun, a tower that slows enemies down, a shock-wave tower and then two more that are very expensive and necessary once you pass the first 20 rounds. The game's enemies are aliens looking to invade your world by passing through your line of defense. The game is fun for the first play through and unlocking each level is rewarding but there are not enough tower options or types of enemies to keep this title on your Ipad. The publisher has not updated the game with new levels like Fieldrunners. There are ground forces and air forces but honestly after beating this once you won't play it again and with a million other tower defense options on the App Store why choose this one? I recommend this one solely if you can't get your fill of TD on Fieldrunners or if you can't afford a pricey game.

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