Sunday, March 20, 2011

Battleheart: Universal IOS Game

Customize your character
Battleheart is a very original Flash based game. The game combines elements of a basic rpg, teamwork and action. The game allows you to chose a team that will carry you through the starting levels. As the game continues you can trade characters for others and continue to upgrade your team with experience points. As you can see each character in your team can be upgraded through the main menu. Weapons, armor and items all can be customized.

 Once your team enters a battle each character has separate abilities that you will pick up soon. In my opinion it is impossible to progress in the game without a healer. This allows the HP of your characters to recharge after being attacked by incoming characters. To control your team you must click once on the character then click again to where you would like them to move or who to attack.  One thing that needs to be mentioned is that this game is similar to a "Horde mode", where the level never changes unless you've defeated the final wave in each round.


The following screen shots show you the special abilities each character has and how keeping track of each individual character is key to surviving.

I strongly suggest this title for any RPG fan. The game play is easy to jump into and a ton of fun for at least the first 14-20 hours. Once you are leveled up completely you may be a bit bored. The price currently is $2.99 so grab it while it's hot.

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