Wednesday, March 23, 2011

War Pinball HD: review

This is my first pinball game on the Ipad and for once they are releasing a pinball game that has a really cool theme to it. The game features three classic (could be argued) pinball tables. Missing in Action, Navy Seals and Platoon are the featured tables. Each one is themed according to the film and are extremely well designed. You can play the game either in landscape mode or portrait mode. I recommend portrait because you get a better overall look and feel to the tables. There are plenty of power-ups and interesting bunkers to interact with. Considering they don't make classic pinball tables anymore this game is an instant classic and must have for any pinball fan. The graphics are superb and the physics are perfect. Controls are handled through simply touching on the screen with either thumb to activate the paddles. The game is priced at a reasonable $2.99 (about a buck a table). One last thing I found interesting is that two of the tables feature Charlie Sheen. I highly recommend this title to any pinball fan, it throws you back into the classic days of pinball in a bar or arcade.

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