Monday, March 21, 2011

Asphalt 6 HD: review

Opening cinematic from Asphalt 6 HD

 As you can tell I am a big fan of racing games on the Ipad. I love the tilt functionality in any racing game, it feels natural after awhile. So onto the game review, Asphalt 6 is the follow-up from Asphalt 5 HD on the Ipad. There are vast improvements from the previous entry in the series. There are more tracks, cars and upgrades. The game has online game modes and a competitive community. The game also has numerous modes to compete in as well. The changes from Asphalt 5 are incredible, especially the lighting and collision detection. The AI is also very competitive and persistent.

 The graphics are on par with Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit on the Ipad. The tracks are original and have alternate routes to take. The goal is to collect power-ups and money on the track. If you collect enough boost power-ups you transfer the entire screen into a tron like mode shown below.

Overdrive mode

In conclusion this game is an awesome attempt at creating a new racing experience but unfortunately once you've upgraded the top tier cars they end up going ridiculously fast. So control becomes a bit of a hassle. I believe this title is priced at $6.99 currently and Gameloft often has sales so you can anticipate price changes. 

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