Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Etolis Arena: review

Prepare to embrace the suck. Etolis Arena is probably one of the worst games I've ever purchased. This twin stick shooter was released by Chillingo a few months ago. It looked as if it had potential from the initial screen shots but after playing for a couple of minutes I found myself asking how could a publisher release a game with such horrible controls, horrible graphics and weird game play. At the beginning this game sets up some intriguing images as if there is a point to it all. Then you jump into the game and everything sucks. The weapons are horribly designed and the bullets seem ineffective and poorly animated. Etolis: Arena is wave after wave of incredibly fast enemies and controls that don't respond. I mean take a look at these screen shots and ask what is the point of putting out a game that looks this bad? The game is priced at $1.99 but honestly this should be free and there are better dual stick shooters for the exact same price like Minigore HD. I feel like Chillingo has a responsibility to ensure the games they are releasing are worth the price. Avoid this one for sure.  
Ideal graphics for the game

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