Monday, March 21, 2011

Sim City Deluxe HD: review

Sim City Deluxe is a big improvement from the previous Sim City release on the IOS. The game is a duplication of the Sim City Deluxe released on the computer. The game is a fast running port and very crisp and clean. There are scenario modes and the traditional mode to create new cities.

The game's interface is simple and easy to use. It may take some adjustment to laying roads or residential area. There are seasons in the game and you can adjust time to your liking or pause the game. There are also disasters, landmark buildings and gifts you can unlock. The game is very concerned about it's citizens and keeping them happy ensures your city's success. So if you are into managing and building at the same rate this game will appeal to you. I only had the game crash once or twice but it performs very well.

The game is a challenge even on easy and I found it hard to not take out loans because I prefer the building aspect to the game rather than keeping my citizens in check. The price currently is set at $6.99 and sometimes EA has sales. I recommend this title to any Sim city addict.

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