Sunday, March 20, 2011

Split Second HD

As a fan of the racing genre I try to download and beat all of the featured 3D racing games that come out. The following three are all from separate publishers. I will give you my impression of each one and a quick review, check them out:

Split Second HD: Publisher, Disney Studios 

Split Second is an obvious port of the popular game that hit the X360 and PS3 back in 2010. Of course the graphics are closer to PS2 quality but the same game play and levels are fairly consistent. 

To move the vehicle the controls work on a tilt system. Gas is automatic but the brake only work by pressing the on-screen button. Drifting is key to building up power plays. Power plays are triggers you can unleash throughout the levels to detonate surrounding objects to hinder the other vehicle and allow you to pass them.

The cars are obvious rip-offs of actually vehicles so don't expect to be driving any recognizable vehicle. The camera stays behind your vehicle as a necessity because you must be able to view your charging bar to pull off power plays. Your charge bar is directly beneath your vehicle and you must wait until the bar has at least one full blue bar to pull off a basic power play. 

As you can see a power play will trigger an explosion that you must avoid with little time to figure out an alternative route through the race.
There are alternative racing modes and many tracks and cars to chose from. The mix between tracks, power plays and vehicles kept my interest and I will continue playing this title for awhile. One problem lies with the price. It is $6.99 currently in North America and for that price you can purchase other competing racing games.

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