Sunday, March 20, 2011

Ultra Violet Dawn HD: review

UV Dawn is a dual stick shooter that aspires to be much more than something simple like Minigore. Ultra Violet Dawn puts you in charge of a spaceship in a foreign galaxy. You customize your ship, your weapons, your missions, destinations and products to transport.

Choosing weapons is made easy

There are plenty of upgrades and they all cost quite a bit. Running cargo and attempting missions will earn you money but I found that simply killing enemy ships earned me enough money. One major problem lies with the controls and AI. The opposing spacecraft are annoying to battle early on and there is a lot of chasing in circles. Once you purchase missiles battles become much easier.

The galaxy is vast but unfortunately all kind of looks the same. There wasn't one map that stood out as a different part of space. This game can be a long game or a short one. There isn't an actual plot line to follow. At the price of $3.99 this game clearly needs an update. Overall it is a mediocre game with huge potential to be much better. 

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