Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit: review

Opening cinematic to Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit
So this will probably be my last racing game review for hopefully at least a few weeks. Need for Speed has been released for over a couple of months but due to it's popularity I feel the need to revisit this one and help you as the consumer decide which racing game is best suited for you. Need for Speed tries to replicate the console versions to the best of it's ability. The graphics are superb and almost on par with Real Racing 2 HD. The game has two aspects and multiple was to play the game. You can either be a police officer, trying to take down the racers or you can be a street racer and try to evade the cops and win the race. Whether you are a police officer or a street racer you have multiple weapons and abilities to unleash. As a racer you can boost, shoot a oil slick or disrupt their EMP charge. If you are an officer you can send EMP charges, unleash spike strips and boost as well. Winning the race allows you to unlock new tracks and vehicles. The cars are already upgraded so there is no option to customize your vehicle. To unlock everything you must achieve 3 stars on every course. Believe me this gets hard overtime. There is also an online component to the game. One thing that should be brought up is this game functions solely on tilt controls instead of an option for a virtual joystick. I fell in love with this game from the beginning and I was fortunate to purchase it on sale. EA does an amazing job in recreating the console experience for the hand-held. The game is currently priced at $9.99 but EA often lowers their prices depending on holidays. 

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