Sunday, May 8, 2011

Legendary Wars HD review

Legendary Wars is a pretty fun compilation of other popular titles with upgradable content and an awesome opening price. The game mashes the game-play of Plants vs. Zombies and any tower defense game with overtones and styles of games like Knights on Rush. The game takes place in a mythological realm with knights, wizards, bow-men and various creatures like Unicorns or Golems. The game-play has three lanes to distribute men and various commands to attack or guard. The base is your primary place of defense but levels change as you progress and some levels have goals such as reaching a destination, defending a powerful individual or destroy the enemy base. 

It takes a while to get addicted to the title but once you've upgraded a few units and defeated interesting enemies you slowly get sucked into Legendary Wars HD. The game has a pretty lengthy single player campaign that traverses five unique terrains all with unique enemies and obstacles. Bosses increase in size and capability as the game continues but they never get too frustrating. Legendary Wars allows the player to customize the controls to their liking and I suggest a casual approach because it allows your units to switch lanes when needed.

The art-style is beautiful and I appreciated the content more as the enemies increased in size. The units are all cartoon rendered and move fairly smoothly. I noticed a few glitches in the movement of my knights, they seemed to float at moments across the screen rather than walk at times. Also when enemies kill certain of my units they don't disappear immediately, there seems to be a glitch at points. Apart from those minor problems that will probably be adjusted in a simple update. Legendary Wars HD is only 99 cents for a limited time and Legendary Wars for the iPhone is now free to celebrate the launch in HD. I suggest picking this title up due to it's variety in game-play and constant action.

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