Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wednesday May 11th iPad releases

So once again a lovely May Wednesday is upon us and finally Gameloft is releasing Starfront Collision HD! After months of it being released on the iPhone it's about time that we got an HD version. The game looks like a Star-craft rip but the buzz around it so far has been positive. The price currently is $6.99 and will be released near midnight. With tons of screen real-estate the game will most likely be a vast improvement and competitive fun. It will also be quite a bit more fun than Command and Conquer HD. I will post a review for this one after a few days of game-play. 

Apart from Starfront there are a few other note-worthy titles that are easy on the pocket. First off we have a movie tie-in game about Bruce Campbell's noteworthy film, Army of Darkness. This is a mix between tower defense and action with the player taking control of Bruce himself with his boomstick and chainsaw. The game is only 99 cents and the graphics look mediocre. It could be a ton of fun and there is some buzz around it so check out the game-play.

Finally Chillingo is releasing Spoing, a point a click action/puzzle game that allows you to control a dark entity on it's way up to a goal/finish line. The game is also only 99 cents and the graphics look decent. One weird thing I noticed is the controls look very much like a computer cursor on the demo video. Either way check it out.

Monday, May 9, 2011

Angry Birds Rio update

Angry Birds has just released details and video footage of their latest update to the new, popular angry Birds Rio. As promised an update to the tie-in movie game will be released this week and it is going to be based on a day at the beach. Referring to the scene in Rio where the birds are bouncing around the beach while on their adventure. Of course this is another free update but it is not clear on how many levels you will be receiving. So check out the video footage and be ready any day now to update.

Sunday, May 8, 2011

GOF2: Valkyrie glitches fixed

Fish Labs have addressed the issues I had previously with the Khador drive and collecting certain blueprints and accessing the Void System. In their updates a few days ago they fixed the Khador drive so you can reattach it to your spacecraft and access systems that are apart from the Universe. I also was able to track down a lot more blueprints that I have all completed. This update is much appreciated because jumping back into the game is easier than ever when you can travel instantaneously. Now with these improvements the add-on is simply amazing and I wish I could find another title that had nearly as much content as GOF2.  I guarantee this will be my last post about Galaxy On Fire because there are plenty of new games coming out. If I had one last request I would love to battle people on-line and test out their ships.

Legendary Wars HD review

Legendary Wars is a pretty fun compilation of other popular titles with upgradable content and an awesome opening price. The game mashes the game-play of Plants vs. Zombies and any tower defense game with overtones and styles of games like Knights on Rush. The game takes place in a mythological realm with knights, wizards, bow-men and various creatures like Unicorns or Golems. The game-play has three lanes to distribute men and various commands to attack or guard. The base is your primary place of defense but levels change as you progress and some levels have goals such as reaching a destination, defending a powerful individual or destroy the enemy base. 

It takes a while to get addicted to the title but once you've upgraded a few units and defeated interesting enemies you slowly get sucked into Legendary Wars HD. The game has a pretty lengthy single player campaign that traverses five unique terrains all with unique enemies and obstacles. Bosses increase in size and capability as the game continues but they never get too frustrating. Legendary Wars allows the player to customize the controls to their liking and I suggest a casual approach because it allows your units to switch lanes when needed.

The art-style is beautiful and I appreciated the content more as the enemies increased in size. The units are all cartoon rendered and move fairly smoothly. I noticed a few glitches in the movement of my knights, they seemed to float at moments across the screen rather than walk at times. Also when enemies kill certain of my units they don't disappear immediately, there seems to be a glitch at points. Apart from those minor problems that will probably be adjusted in a simple update. Legendary Wars HD is only 99 cents for a limited time and Legendary Wars for the iPhone is now free to celebrate the launch in HD. I suggest picking this title up due to it's variety in game-play and constant action.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WTF?! Who's that Flying?! review

Recently Sega released a fun XBLA game on the 360. WTF?! is an inexpensive fun game that is universal for the iPad or iPhone. The game was priced upon release at $2.99 but they dropped the price to only 99 cents. WTF?! is a side-scrolling shooting game, where you take the role of a super-hero that shoots lasers/bullets from his palms. The interesting part of the game-play is that instead of taking personal damage to your character you start with 50 points and depending on the amount of enemies that get past him you loose points until you reach 0/50 and have to restart the level. 

One issue I have with this game is that it claims to be universal but it only takes about 3/4 of the screen on the iPad rather than most universal  games that take the full screen into account. Apart from that the game features amazing graphics, fun story and fast paced game-play. I recommend this title to every fan of shooting games and anyone on a gaming budget.

Galaxy On Fire 2: Valkyrie Review

 Ok so it is now fair for me to review the Valkyrie add-on to GOF2. I've clocked about 26 hours into the game and I'm now piloting one of the top Vossk ships around. I've also purchased my own space station and I'm starting to store tons of materials, weapons and add-ons. I've got about six blueprints and I used the Khador drive to travel to distant galaxies. I also unlocked the liberator missile, which is a guided missile system. Honestly these missiles are amazing and the guided view is amazing.

There are a few issues I have with the game such as once you've used the Khador drive and you have to unlock it again to travel to distant galaxies you must collect 50 tons of Void crystals which can only be found in the Void system but unfortunately if you beat the main campaign you cannot access the Void system again. On the official blog for GOF2 they claim you can purchase 50 tons of Void crystals in the Wolf-Reiser system. For me this is not the case. I've been flying around to almost every space-station looking for Void Crystals. Apart from that the exploration of the game is pretty fun, you can unlock new galaxies that have advanced technology. Once every few hours the game will crash but I think it's expected due to the size of the game. So Valkyrie is priced at $4.99 and is well worth the money, Fishlabs has put in the time and effort into this add-on and hopefully in the next year we see another add-on or GOF3. 

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Freebie Alerts: May 1st

So a few titles have dropped in price from a few bucks to absolutely zero. They are not the best titles but they are fun way to spend a few hours. I don't know how long the deal is for but check these out:

Operation Wow HD:  $1.99-free

This is a basic port of a click and shoot game. You have various cute animals armed to the teeth to blow away with either bullets or grenades. Yep, its that simple.Graphics are cartoon and cute and the game continues to scroll which gives it some speed while playing.

Ozone HD: $4.99-free

This sizable game puts you in the shoes of a ball that moves around the level collecting yellow orbs while avoiding traps and escaping the level. There are 50 levels and the previous reviews for this title were decent and its worth the space on your iPad for a play-through.