Sunday, March 20, 2011

Where is my HD version?

Every month there are a slew of IOS titles that come out that are exclusive for the Iphone/Ipod Touch. I know that I'm not the only one looking for theses titles to be released either universally or in HD. Here is a list of titles I cannot wait for: 

1. The most anticipated release: Rainbow Six: Vanguard currently priced at $6.99.

IOS screenshot, imagine the HD treatment

Fluent controls and interesting environments
2. NBA JAM: classic NBA action with tons of slam dunks and big head mode! (rumoured to be released late March, early April) currently $4.99

3. Gameloft's Starfront: Collision, of course this is a rip-off Starcraft but whatever it looks awesome. currently In-App purchase

If you guys/girls out there know of any solid release dates for the following or other games to look forward please comment on this blog post.

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