Sunday, March 20, 2011

Real Racing 2 Hd: review

Opening cinematic from Real Racing 2 HD

After waiting a couple of extra months for Real Racing 2 HD it's finally here! The sequel from Firemint's premiere series hit the App Store a week ago. The game stays true to actual car physics and maintains it's name by making the experience feel as true to actual racing in a portable device. The graphics are stunning and one main focus I can see is the lighting. The game allows you to step into the shoes of the driver so the camera is first person. 

The car selection is fairly vast and include Ford, BMW, Volkswagon, Chevrolet, Jaguar, Lotus, McLaren, Nissan and Volvo. For each company there are several models to chose from and depending on the requirements for the race you want to enter you may have to purchase numerous cars.

There is a ton a value in this game including online communities to race in and tons of trophies and maps to unlock. The game is currently priced at $9.99 and I doubt it will go down anytime soon. If you can deal with the steep price then by all means buy this one.

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