Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Dead Space HD: review

Dead Space is one of the most anticipated games to be released on the IOS in ages. The game follows a separate plot-line from the original games. You are not Isaac Clark and you don't view your character until the ending scene. This game is meant to be a bridge between the two plot lines. First off this game is absolutely stunning. It has the graphics of a PS2 game. To understand the graphics you really have to view screen shots of the game. The game uses a touch interface with no alternative control modes. You use two thumbs, one for controlling your player and the other to direct your sights. By clicking on the screen you automatically aim your weapon, click again and you shoot. There are in total 4 weapons to collect. All weapons are upgradable through collecting or purchasing power nodes. You can also purchase improved suits, ammo and med packs. They are all similar to the console version of the game. The game features amazing lighting and incredible sound. In my opinion you must play with headphones to experience it fully. Sounds may scare you late at night but they also warn you of incoming waves of enemies. There is also amazing dialogue in this game, the story is logical and convinces you to follow an interesting path. One thing that is crazy is the nightmares and images you imagine throughout the game. These images add a scary vibe while entering each room. The game has a re-playability factor to it. After beating the story the game restarts with  more enemies that have higher health. In conclusion I highly recommend purchasing this title for the Ipad. Currently the price is on sale for $6.99. 

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