Wednesday, April 20, 2011

New game releases- midnight tonight!

Due to different time zones there are already numerous awesome games being released in New Zealand right now. Finally some heavy weight games are hitting the app store around midnight dependent on where you are located. 

First off NBA Jam is finally coming to the Ipad in the full HD quality it deserves. The set price will most likely be $9.99 (kinda pricey). There is ton of content including full season modes, big head mode and plenty of online playing options. This one I'll probably pick up tonight and try to review as soon as possible.

Second off for those crazy Final Fantasy fans comes a port of the classic Final Fantasy 3. This title is very expansive and the basic install will be 200 mb. The graphics look fairly decent and it is stated that the graphics are improved and the controls are adjusted for the Ipad. One thing to keep in mind is that this game will most likely cost a whopping $16.99. If you're a fan then there's little to say, you've probably already purchased this in your mind. 

So lets move onto the next new release, Back to the Future Episode 2 HD. If you've played the first episode, released about 2 months ago then you will probably be a fan of the second episode that is already out for the PC. This episode picks up after the last one and follows Marty and Doc to the 1980's to prevent a gang from wreaking havoc on Marty's family. The game is more an interactive movie than a full out adventure experience. The game looks to have very impressive graphics and it plays something similar to the Monkey Island series of point and click. The game will be priced at about $6.99 but honestly if you haven't played the first you might want to pick that one up. 

So the last major title that I know of is a budget title aimed at tower defense fans. A.I.R. Defense HD is being released tonight at midnight for only 1 dollar. I jumped the gun on this title and purchased the Iphone version last week because I loved the concept and art style. I'm not going to lie it is a challenging game with plenty of enemies and levels. The concept of the game relies on a radar system to pick up incoming enemies. With your base you can create jets, planes and helicopters. By drawing a line to the incoming enemies you can attack and defend the health of your base. There are plenty of upgrades and new special abilities as you continue in the game. There is a survival mode as well and for only a buck it is well worth the space on your Ipad. 

So I hope there is at least one game coming out tonight that appeals to you and if anything else worth while comes out then I'll post an update or review.

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